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Lucien Bonaparte (1775-1840)

Prince of Canino

Arms of Lucien Bonaparte (1775-1840)

Born on March 21, 1775 in Ajaccio , Corsica.

Younger brother of Joseph and Napoleon Bonaparte, Minister of Internal Affairs in 1799-1800.

He died on June 29, 1840 in Viterbo, Lazio, Italy.

Main portrait

"Lucien Bonaparte, Prince of Canino", by François-Xavier Fabre (Montpellier 1766 - Montpellier 1837).

Other portraits

Lucien Bonaparte (1775-1840)
"Lucien Bonaparte, Prince of Canino", by Robert Lefèvre (Bayeux 1755 - Paris 1830).
Lucien Bonaparte (1775-1840)
"Lucien Bonaparte". Engraving by Jacques Reattu (Arles 1760 - Arles 1833).
Lucien Bonaparte (1775-1840)
"Lucien Bonaparte". Drawing by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres (Montauban 1780 - Paris 1867).
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