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Jérôme Bonaparte (1784-1860)

King of Westphalia

Arms of Jérôme Bonaparte (1784-1860)

The youngest brother of Emperor Napoleon I was born Girolamo Buonaparte on November 15, 1784 in Ajaccio , Corsica.

He reigned as King of Westphalia from 1807 to 1813.

He died on June 24, 1860 at the castle of Vilgénis, Seine-et-Oise.

His tomb , is in the Dome Church in the Hôtel des Invalides  located in Paris' seventh arrondissement.

Main portrait

"Jérôme Bonaparte, King of Westphalia", portrait on porcelain by Sophie Liénard (? - ? 1845).

Other portraits

Jérôme Bonaparte (1784-1860)
"Jérôme Bonaparte, King of Westphalia", by Antoine-Jean Gros (Paris 1771 - Meudon 1835).
Jérôme Bonaparte (1784-1860)
"Jérôme Bonaparte, King of Westphalia", painted ca. 1810 by François-Joseph Kinson (Bruges 1771 - Bruges 1839).
Jérôme Bonaparte (1784-1860)
"Prince Jérôme Bonaparte under the Second French Empire". Photograph after André Adolphe Eugène Disdéri (Paris 1819 - Genoa 1889).
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