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Jacques Coquille, a.k.a. Dugommier (1738-1794)

Arms of Jacques Coquille, a.k.a. Dugommier (1738-1794)

Jacques Coquille was born on August 1st, 1738 at Basse-Terre (Guadeloupe Island).

He fought as a General during the French Revolution.

He was killed on November 18, 1794 during th battle of Sierra Negra, near Figueras, Catalunya.

Main portrait

"Jacques-Christophe Coquille Dugommier" painted 1836 by François Bouchot (Paris 1800 - Paris 1842).

Other portraits

Jacques Coquille, a.k.a. Dugommier (1738-1794)
"Jacques Christophe Coquille Dugommier" painted 1835 by Georges Rouget (Paris 1783 - Paris 1869).
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