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Jean-Baptiste Bessières (1768-1813)

Duke of Istria

Jean-Baptiste Bessières (1768-1813) Arms of Jean-Baptiste Bessières (1768-1813)

Born on August 6th, 1768 in Prayssac, near Cahors, Quercy, France.

Marshal of the First French Empire.

He was killed by a cannonball on May 1st, 1813 in Weißenfels, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany.

Marshal Bessières was laid to rest  in the Governor's Crypt  of the Cathedral of Saint-Louis, in Paris.

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Main portrait

"Marshal Bessières, Duke of Istria" by Henri-François Riesener (Paris 1767 - Paris 1828).

Other portraits

Jean-Baptiste Bessières (1768-1813)
"Marshal Bessières". Lenght portrait by Henri-François Riesener.
Jean-Baptiste Bessières (1768-1813)
"Jean-Baptiste Bessières in 1792" by Jean-Baptiste Paulin-Guérin (1783-1855).
Jean-Baptiste Bessières (1768-1813)
"Marshal Bessières". Nineteenth century engraving.
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