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Battle of Abukir (or Aboukir)

Date and place

  • July 25th, 1799 at Abukir peninsula, on the Mediterranean coast of Egypt, twenty-three kilometers northwest of Alexandria.

Involved forces

  • French army (11,000 men) under General Napoleon Bonaparte. 
  • Turkish army (18,000 men) under Seid Mustafa Pasha. 

Casualties and losses

  • French army: 100 to 150 killed, 500 to 700 injured. 
  • Turkish armyn: 2,000 killed or wounded, ten thousand drowned, 3,000 prisoners. 
Battle of Abukir (or Aboukir) (detail)
"Battle of Aboukir, July 25th, 1799" (detail). Painted 1806 by Antoine-Jean Gros.

Detail ot the map of the battle of Abukir (or Aboukir)
Map of the battle
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